How to avoid a Weight Loss Relapse

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How to avoid the inevitable weight loss relapse

I’m sure that when anyone starts out on a weight loss or fitness programme they are very confident that they will succeed. My research showed that a person’s level of efficacy is often very high when they start on a weight loss journey. However what is also a cast iron certainty is that at some point on this journey your level of confidence will diminish.

Keeping on track with your weight loss programme

There are a number of things you can do to avoid the relapse and the inevitable dip in confidence that will happen. If you are reading this having just started on your weight loss journey you will currently be saying “this is all well and good but it won’t happen to me”. I am telling you now it will because all the data we have on behavioural change demonstrates that relapse is an important aspect of behaviour change. We actually learn from each relapse so we hopefully don’t make the same mistakes twice. The exception to this seems to be faddy weight loss diets. People will try diet after diet without thinking to themselves I wonder why none of these have worked. On the Leanmansystem there are plenty of mechanisms in place to help clients manage the inevitable relapse.

Support is important

I want to consider your support mechanism in this article. I have recently started working with a client who has done brilliantly on the LEAN System and achieved all her goals. However she recently had a hen party weekend and this seems to have thrown her off track. What is more she was struggling to get back on the horse (so to speak). I have spent some time talking to her and I am now going to work with her regularly to ensure she achieves her goals. She is a very successful business woman so clearly doesn’t lack motivation but she needs support with her lifestyle changes. No matter how strong a person you think you are we all need a bit of support. The LEAN Man System provides one support mechanism, namely regular input from me. However I prefer clients to set up other support mechanisms on top of this. If the client is married it is a good idea to get the partner involved as this will help the weight loss programme. An unsupportive partner can undermine an individual’s efforts to the point where they become totally derailed. With male clients I try to get them to involve close friends. Men are sometimes a bit resistant to this but my research has again highlighted peer support is very important. In fact getting a small group of men (note I say small – men don’t like big groups) together on the LEAN Man System works very well. Not only will they support each other but men are also naturally competitive so this works in their favour during the course of the programme.

So before you embark on your next weight loss journey make sure you have good and reliable support mechanisms in place. As an aside - if you have decided to make lifestyle changes this should actually be your last weight loss journey. The LEAN Man System is all about lifestyle change and I am that confident that this works I am now offering a weight loss guarantee. I am willing to do this as my research supports the fact that this system works everytime. If you would like further FREE nutrition and weight loss tips just sign up for the FREE seven video series by completing the simple form below.

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