Behaviour Change for Weight Loss

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Behaviour Change in Weight Loss

There are many diet programmes that all claim to be the final answer when it comes to weight loss. They all claim to be easy to do and that you can eat what you like and the weight will fall off. The truth of the matter is that they are all doomed to failure. Even if these promises were possible (they’re not, by the way) they are all missing a key element, namely that of behaviour change. The seven step diagram on the right shows the stages you need to progress through to successfully make a permanent change to your behaviour and subsequently lose weight.

Weight Loss needs Lifestyle Change

When I work with clients on the LEAN Man System my mantra is always the same “it is your lifestyle that got you fat and only changing that lifestyle will get you thin again”. My doctoral research highlighted that if you are not ready to change your lifestyle you will not lose weight, or if you do, you will not keep it off. The first couple of steps in this diagram will be familiar to most people who have tried to lose weight. You may even be at this stage at the moment. The problem arises when you try to move to the next stages. You may think “you can” and if it is the latest diet FAD you might think you now have the skills so you will be optimistic. The next stage is where you WILL come unstuck as initially it will be easy but then slowly your lifestyle will get in the way and bit by bit the diet will unravel. If you doubt this to be true look back at all your past attempts to lose weight. The very fact that there have been other attempts is all the evidence I need. If you had managed to change your lifestyle there wouldn’t be any need for further attempts. The only way you can successfully move through each of the seven steps and permanently achieve weight loss is to make a change to your lifestyle. You want to get to “reinforcement” where you can say “well done” to yourself. The LEAN Man System is designed to achieve this through education and support. I do however put a strong emphasis on the fact that only you can achieve a lifestyle change. I can help facilitate a change but ultimately it is down to you. I’m not going to kid you that it will be easy or that you will lose weight quickly, neither is that likely. A unique aspect of the LEAN Man System is the fact that your psychological readiness is measured throughout the programme. From this I can measure if you are on the right track and most importantly help you out when things get a bit tough.

So next time you are tempted to try a new FAD diet ask yourself does it contain the three cornerstones required for successful weight loss and most importantly weight loss maintenance. It must have behavioural change as a key step, you will need nutrition education and support and finally how is activity/exercise incorporated into the programme? If the diet programme does not address all three of these aspects I will confidently predict that even if you do lose some weight you will eventually put it all back on again and perhaps even a bit more on top. If you would like further weight loss and nutrition tips why not complete the simple form provided below and receive seven FREE  videos.

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