The Best Exercise for Fat Loss or Weight Loss?

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The Best Exercise for Weight Loss?

So what is the best exercise for weight loss and for fat loss? Well first off it’s important to realise that these are two different questions. We often say “oh I need to lose weight” but what we actually mean is “I need to lose fat”. Technically speaking it is difficult to be ‘overweight’ but it definitely is possible to be ‘overfat’. So the most important question is what is the best exercise to reduce your body fat?

Exercise and weight loss

People have waxed lyrical about this topic for decades and the fact of the matter is that most probably every article had an element of truth, most exercise regimes will help your weight loss efforts. But what a lot of these articles tend to overlook is the practicality of following a lot of these regimes. We have had tabata regimes in all shapes and variations, there is a trend for high intensity interval training at the moment, Zumba classes remain popular and this is just a few examples. These will all burn some body fat whilst you are doing the exercise although in reality, because of the intensity of exercise involved, not very much. However post exercise this will translate to fat burned because your body has to recover the energy deficit from somewhere. This brings me to the next point; if your diet is not correct and you are not creating an energy deficit then no amount of exercise will help you lose fat. This is important to understand because when it comes to any fat loss equation exercise is not really that effective. It takes you five minutes to eat a 400/500kcal chocolate bar; it will take you the best part of an hour to burn this off. Therefore in this respect it is a very unbalanced equation.

There are numerous factors that will affect how much fat you burn whilst exercising. Your typical diet will have an impact for instance as we know that higher fat diets tend to produce a reliance on fat burning. The fitter you are the better you get at burning fat and the intensity of your exercise will also impact the amount of fat lost. You could write a book on the factors that influence fat burning and many people have, but the simple fact is that if you are sufficiently active and have the correct diet you will, overtime, reduce your body fat stores.

So actually the answer to the question ‘what is the best exercise for fat loss’ is quite straightforward. It is the exercise you will do regularly and consistently enough to achieve the fat loss you require. So much as some exercises are better than others in terms of efficiency if you can find something you love doing that elevates your heart rate and you can do it often enough then this is the exercise for you. It might take a bit longer, but then let’s face it; you didn’t store the fat overnight. Realistically speaking slow steady fat loss is the safest and most effective way to reduce your body fat percentage and more importantly is most probably the best way to keep it off.

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