LEAN Fit is a programme specifically designed for the individual who keeps reasonably fit and active. It is designed to look at day to day nutritional intake. Suggestions are then given for ways in which this could be optimised. The intended outcome of the programme is to:

  • increase energy levels
  • optimise any exercise programme that the individual participates in.

There are three main components to the programme:

1.   Collect current data on your day to day nutritional intake and activity levels. This is undertaken using food and activity diaries. These are subsequently analysed and form the basis for step two.

2.   A series of one to one consultations with Dr. Mendoza. The first consultation takes place in week one and examines your current nutritional habits and activity levels. You will receive a detailed report that outlines everything discussed in the consultation. From this first consultation, nutritional goals are set. These goals are aimed at optimising your nutritional intake. The second consultation takes place in week six and looks at your progress. A fresh set of analyses will document your progress. The second consultation builds on your successes. The final consultation takes place in week twelve. This analysis will give you a good understanding of where you currently stand nutritionally.

3.   The final element of LEAN FIT is the advanced nutrition E-book.  Don’t be misled by the title, the manual is designed to be a reference source. It will teach you about how to use sound nutrition; both for everyday health as well as enhancing your training and/or activity levels. You study this during your time on the LEAN FIT programme. The consultations are also an opportunity to discuss aspects of the manual you would like some clarification on.

LEAN FIT enables you to get the most from a busy lifestyle. You will be able to optimise your nutritional intake to get the maximum benefit from your exercise/activity.

Fit, nutrition, health, dietLEAN FIT costs £240 if you would like to get started straight away you can click the image below and get going.