Don’t Worry about Weight Loss, Worry about Your Health

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Weight Loss and Diabetes

People are far too concerned about weight loss and they are not paying enough attention to their health. New data from the NHS has confirmed that there are now 3.2 million diagnosed diabetics in the UK. There were 163,000 new cases diagnosed last year, the biggest increase since 2008. The NHS is now spending 10% of its total budget on the treatment of diabetes. If we don’t get to grips with this it will certainly bring the NHS to its knees.

Weight Loss and Health

The increase in diabetes is largely being fuelled by obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. People are very concerned about their weight at times and normally approach this by undertaking some FAD diet. However the key thing to note is that unhealthy lifestyle is a key driver of this problem in conjunction with weight gain. You can try a FAD diet to lose weight and the odds are it will be successful in the short term. However conditions like diabetes are long-term and require a long-term solution. Generally if you adopt some healthy lifestyle practices this will eventually lead to weight loss. But rather than worrying about weight loss it is your health you should be monitoring. It’s all very well being a little bit lighter for a few weeks whilst you go on holiday but your heart and other organs don’t get a holiday so you need to start giving them a break. Some FAD diets may help you lose weight but they are not necessarily healthy.

To put this in perspective, Baroness Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK, said: "The big increase in the number of people with diabetes confirms that we are in the middle of an unfolding public health disaster that demands urgent action; It is frightening to think that one in 17 people you walk past in the street has been diagnosed with the condition." What is perhaps equally as relevant is the number of people walking around who have not been diagnosed or are at least pre-diabetic. If your weight fluctuates up and down like the proverbial yo-yo you are quite likely at risk. So rather than stick your head in the sand and think to yourself “it won’t happen to me” look at the facts. You don’t suddenly need to become a professional athlete but you do need to get more active (regularly) and you do need to eat healthy all the time. Just a five percent reduction in your overall weight will result in a profound improvement in your health outlook.

If you want to avoid being the one out of seventeen people who has diabetes do something now that you can sustain for life that will improve your health and also increase your longevity. Don’t wait for someone at your GP practice to say “I told you so”.

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