• Do you eat a healthy diet?
  • Do you know what a healthy diet is?
  • Are you getting the most from your diet?
  • Are you full of energy towards the end of a working week?
  • Is your diet providing you with all the nutrients required for long-term health?


Healthy Diet? 

The LEAN report includes a complete analysis and comprehensive breakdown of your dietary intake. It also includes a complete analysis of your activity levels. This will help you gauge whether you have a healthy diet or how close you are to the ideal diet.

All macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) are analysed. This analysis is then compared to you activity analysis. This will help you to ensure your intake is balanced and matches your energy output (activity levels). Meal content and meal timings are considered to ensure you are fueling optimally.

All micronutrients are analysed to ensure you are getting the correct levels of vitamins and minerals. Special consideration is given to your anti-oxidant intake. These play a vital role in boosting your immune response.

Your activity levels are analysed to see if you are meeting current guidelines for health. If you participate in sports, the activity programme is analysed in relation to this. As Dr. Mendoza is a certified personal trainer (20 years experience) he can advise on exercise programming.

In the basic LEAN report you get:

  • Full dietary analysis, including all macro- and micro- nutrients,
  • Full Activity analysis looking at your current energy output
  • Comprehensive feedback on where your diet could be improved
  • Comprehensive feedback on where activity levels can be increased
  • A printed report with all recommended actions documented.

The cost of the BASIC LEAN report is £60 click below to purchase a LEAN Report and get started straightaway.

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As part of the Premium LEAN report you also get:

A consultation with Dr. Gary Mendoza PhD, BSc. (Hons), RNutr. In this consultation your report will be explained to you in detail. Any actions you need to take to achieve a healthy diet will be discussed. Dr Mendoza is a specialist in weight-management and sports nutrition. He will discuss with you the areas of your diet that can be improved and how this can be achieved. This can be with an emphasis on weight-loss or for improving your sports performance. It could be you want to just ensure you have a healthy diet.

The cost of the PREMIUM LEAN report is £85 - this price includes a one-to-one consultation with Dr. Mendoza (via Skype)

So if you think your diet could to with an overhaul then why not purchase a premium LEAN Report and get started straightaway.

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