Men’s Weight Loss – What are you on about?

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Men and Weight Loss?

Weight loss and men are not words you find together too often. There is good reason for this as men do not worry about their weight anywhere near as much as women do. You can view this as a good thing or bad but if you want to help men lose weight then you had better be aware of this fact.

Weight Loss for Men

When I first decided to embark on researching the treatment of male overweight and obesity I thought it was a really good idea. I’d looked at the scientific literature and the amount of studies looking at weight loss that had male subjects were few and far between. I thought this was great as my PhD had to contribute to current scientific knowledge I would have no trouble finding something interesting by researching this group. I soon came to realise that there was a pretty good reason why there was limited research on male subjects. The simple fact of the matter is that men are a nightmare to recruit for weight loss research. Had I advertised for women to take part in weight loss trials I would have needed an assistant to sift through the applications. With men however I had to work long and hard to get them to participate.

The literature explains why to some degree. Men do not recognise they have a weight problem until they are at least a few kilograms past a healthy BMI. Men are also notorious for avoiding anything that has connections to their health; ask any GP. What is more, men almost view having a large stomach as a badge of honour. How often have you heard a man refer to his beer gut as “all paid for you know”; could you imagine a woman doing this? So how do you go about recruiting men to a weight loss programme?

Well first off do not talk about diets, men view the word diet with suspicion as they think it has connotations of having to give things up and going hungry. Next talk about productivity or strength or ability to perform better, this can be at work it could even be sexually. Get them to think about being able to play with their kids in a few years’ time. Whatever recruiting idea you use do not over labour health benefits or things like looking or feeling better. These have little appeal to most men and are a stronger pull for women. One of the main reasons the major commercial slimming organisations have failed to recruit men is that they have taken a successful female model and tried to apply it to men; it has fallen flat on its face.

The LEAN Man System has been designed specifically with men in mind and contains many elements that are geared specifically for men. Ironically you can apply this model to women and it works really well. You only have to look at the testimonials on my website. So it appears that weight loss models that are designed for women don’t work with men but when you reverse the process, male weight loss models used with women, it seems to work.

The challenge is how to recruit men as this group really need help, even if they don’t admit it. It is a market that is very much ignored and yet the right programme could possibly reap huge dividends. IF you would like further weight loss and nutrition tips, why don’t you sign up for the FREE seven video series by completing the simple form on the home page?

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