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The role of a Nutrition Consultant

Do you want to work as a nutritional consultant offering evidence based nutrition to clients, helping them to achieve their weight loss goals? Perhaps you want to work with athletes or sports teams to improve sporting performance. If this appeals to you then why don’t you consider qualifying as a nutrition consultant with the LEAN Man System?


The full nutrition consultant qualification includes:



These courses combined would usually cost £775 by purchasing the package you pay just £650.

These courses combine the training that was given to weight loss consultants as part of Dr Mendoza’s research. The consultants who completed the training then went on to deliver successful weight management programmes in the community. The success rate was 86% and participants significantly reduced both their weight and health risks. This method achieved the same results both in the UK and in New Zealand so we know it works.

The Applied Nutrition course is certified by the AfN and the behaviour change workshop is accredited by Skills Active and worth 6 REPs points.

The course dates are provided on the relevant course page. You can combine dates to suit your training needs.

If you are interested in qualifying as a nutrition consultant then complete the form below. If you have further questions then by all means include these in the contact form.

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