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To disseminate scientific, evidence based nutrition information and education relevant to weight loss and sports nutrition.

Why join the Nutritional Academy?

Regular news updates about current nutrition research relevant to weight loss and sports nutrition.

● Access to articles about nutrition for your own education or to use to educate others.

● Access to Dr. Gary Mendoza for your specific nutrition queries

● Weekly video log

● Regular webinars with Dr. Gary Mendoza

● Video and Audio content

● Members forum for trainers/clients to swap useful hints/tips and marketing ideas

● Demonstrate your commitment to keeping your nutrition knowledge at the cutting edge of current scientific understanding.

The Nutritional Academy is intended to be a resource for personal trainers, nutrition consultants and clients who want to ensure that their nutrition knowledge is current and relevant. It offers a unique forum for swapping ideas with like-minded professionals working in, or participating in weight loss programmes or sports nutrition. Not everybody has the time to read all the literature relevant to the disciplines of sports nutrition and/or weight management. What is more, some scientific papers are not exactly bedtime reading so the academy can disseminate this information in easy to understand snippets or articles. The Nutritional Academy offers a unique one-stop shop for all your education needs.

To add more value to your membership you will also be able to submit questions to Dr. Gary Mendoza. Gary does not know all the answers but he certainly knows where to find the answers if he doesn’t know himself. For the Nutritional Academy Gary has access to electronic journals from two Universities there are not too many questions for which the answer can’t be found.

So what are you waiting for - subscribe now using the button below and for the cost of a cup of coffee each month you can keep your nutrition knowledge current and interact regularly with like-minded professional.

To get the best value from your subscription make sure you interact on the forum regularly and also use the RSS feed to inform you of changes and updates. The Nutritional Academy will be of most value if everybody contributes in a spirit of co-operation and encouragement. I look forward to working with you all – Dr. Gary Mendoza

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