Pills and Potions Don’t make Good Nutrition

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Why Pills and Potions are not the answer for healthy nutrition

We have had a week where all types of revelations have appeared about nutrition. The one thing that is constant and consistent about most of these is that pills and potions are not the answer to good nutrition.

Healthy Nutrition Doesn’t Require Vitamin Supplementation

A very well sourced article in Forbes magazine “The top five vitamins you should not take” highlights the most recent studies that clearly show that vitamin supplementation doesn’t work. New studies in the Lancet have reviewed a wide number of studies on vitamin D. This study (The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology,(2014) 2:1, P76 - 89) states that “Inflammatory processes involved in disease occurrence and clinical course would reduce 25(OH)D, which would explain why low vitamin D status is reported in a wide range of disorders. So the disease is not caused by low vitamin D status but rather a symptom of the disease. This being the case supplementing with vitamin D is not likely to be effective. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported a similar situation with vitamin E and selenium. Further large scale clinical reviews have highlighted what a waste of money most vitamin supplementation really is. You need to remember this is a billion pound industry that is promoting these supplements and talking about healthy nutrition doesn't suit their agenda.

FAD diets don’t work

Surprise, surprise the Blood Group diet doesn’t work. A study published in the online journal Plos One on January 15, 2014 found that there is no evidence to support the blood group diet. The senior author of the study states ““Based on the data of 1,455 study participants, we found no evidence to support the ‘blood-type’ diet theory,” says Ahmed El-Sohemy, an associate professor and chair in nutrigenomics at the University of Toronto. So yet another FAD diet bites the dust, but again you will get people that swear it works despite good scientific evidence that it doesn’t. Never underestimate the placebo effect.

Balloons and Weight Loss

So if you think the world is going mad you may well be right. We are now resorting to swallowing inflatable balloons as a weight loss treatment. I seem to remember this was more of a party trick but obviously no longer. A new gastric weight loss balloon that can be swallowed in a pill is now available across the UK. This doesn’t require surgery so is nowhere near as invasive as some obesity treatments. You swallow the Obalon capsule which is approximately the size of a large vitamin pill. Once in the stomach the deflated balloon in the capsule is inflated thus reducing the capacity of the stomach. This treatment will not initially be available on the NHS but is available privately at some Spire Hospitals and a number of clinics in London. The cost of the treatment is at least £2,995 for a two-balloon treatment. The problem with this is that people are likely to see this as a quick fix for their obesity and it doesn’t address all the underlying causes of their obesity. Therefore the problem will still exist once this treatment has run its course.

So there you have it, pills are not the answer, FAD diets don’t work and our latest answer to the obesity epidemic is to swallow a balloon. I do believe the world has finally gone mad and we all seem to riding along for the journey. Whatever happened to eating healthy, unprocessed foods for good health?

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