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I am 55 years old and have been overweight for most of my adult life. I have tried many fad diets over the years. Whilst I did lose some weight with some of the diets, I always, eventually, put the weight back on.

After reading about the Lean Man System on Facebook, I contacted Gary Mendoza and asked if this system may be able to help me to shed some weight.           After discussing the Lean Man System with Gary, I completed a psychometric test and, thankfully, I was assessed as being suitable to undertake the 12 week programme. The programme involves regular Skype sessions, home study and weekly analysis of my food intake and my activity levels.

The online nutrition units were very informative and taught me a number of things including how to read the nutritional information on food products and my understanding of food has improved considerably. This is helpful in ensuring that I continue to eat the right food to maintain my fat loss. I lost approximately 4 kilogrammes during the 12 week period and 3 weeks on I still continue to lose fat slowly.

I can’t recommend this system enough. I found it very easy to stick to my eating plan because we only made small changes that were simple to implement and to stick to. In fact, it seemed like I was eating too much and, at times, I struggled to eat everything that I was supposed to. I don’t get the 3 o’clock ‘choc fix’ feeling like I used to as I have learned to keep my blood sugar levels at a constant level throughout the day by eating & drinking at regular intervals.

Gary’s consistent help, advice & support throughout the 12 weeks is a key part of the programme and kept me motivated and on track.

I believe that one of the reasons that this programme is so successful is that it takes a holistic approach to fat-loss.

I highly recommend the Lean Man System if you are looking at trying to lose fat and keep it off.I wish I’d known about this programme years ago but I’m glad I found it when I did.

I am happy to discuss any aspect of this testimonial further if required.  Fred Potini, Palmerston North, New Zealand


My personal trainer recommended Gary after years of me attempting numerous diets such as carb depletion, food delivery services, low calorie, shake plans etc.

Sadie WestonAt first I was sceptical because I wasn't actually receiving a physical product for my money, but trusted Gary's method from our initial consultation. I chose the 12 week lean programme which involves a weekly Skype session, home study and weekly analysis of my calories.
As I expected my understanding of food improved considerably, I now understand that no foods are bad and what type of food to eat when. I can honestly say that I am eating at least double. I set a goal to reduce my body fat which I easily achieved.
Beyond that eating the correct nutrition has given me a clearer perspective, I am positive and happier with a surge of energy all of the time. Learning to maintain my blood sugar levels means that I am not reaching for the wrong foods just to get some energy. I am a working Mum of two young children, which means that balance is critical - Gary worked with my current diet and we adapted it slightly - it's now easier than before. Gary comes highly recommended - he did exactly what he said he was going to "equip me with the knowledge for life" which is worth far more than a short-term diet fix, which often leaves you deficient in vitamins and minerals and is not sustainable.   Sadie Weston, Derby


Thank you Gary for your consistent encouragement and support through the programme. I never believed I would be able to make such huge life style changes but with this system and your incredible knowledge of nutrition I'm happy to say "I got it".

The changes in my diet and activity levels aren't a chore anymore and I don't feel like I'm dieting or depriving myself. I'm making better, healthier choices and set myself some pretty challenging goals - but it's exciting and it feels good. The weight continues to come off, slowly, but off. Yes, I have days when I slip back into old habits but it doesn't last. Next day I'm back on track and moving toward my goals. I don't even recognise myself sometimes with all the productivity and determination. I'm working on patience now and persistence because the Lean Woman System works. It's bloody brilliant! - M.B. Neath


Gary has totally changed my outlook and thinking on weight loss. He has shown and helped me understand how the body uses food and what constitutes a healthy, well balanced diet. Since following Gary's LEAN (Lifestyle Education Activity Nutrition) programme I have lost weight & feel more energetic. – C.W. - Bridgend


The support, and more importantly for me the information and experience Gary has passed on has empowered me to make the correct decisions when choosing foods to eat.  The information has given me the background to understand why I should eat healthier, not just ‘’a do this and that will happen’’ attitude.  I now know why.

My weekly meetings have been crucial in keeping a track on my weight and fitness progress, with the information from activity, food intake and pedometer records all being analysed.

I have lost a significant amount of weight, I feel fitter, healthier and have also reduced some of my diabetic medication. - D.P. - Ammanford


Being recommended to Gary was the turning point in my training and weight loss plan. Once Gary had analysed my diet and activity levels it was clear that I was not eating anywhere near enough to sustain a normal days activities let alone training. Through email and Skype conversations we set out what needed to change and how I would do this. I embraced Gary's recommendations and went for it. This took a little time to get used to, as eating more of the right foods was not as easy as I'd first thought. Now, however my family's diet has changed for the better and I am loosing between 1 & 2lbs a week which I am very happy with. My results at training have also improved enormously; I am now able to hit or exceed my targets knowing I have the energy to get the result. I would thoroughly recommend Gary to anyone that is looking to loose weight in a healthy and sustainable way or if they would like to improve their performance in training.  Susa Roberts (Bookkeeper & Mother)


I have always been sporty and I’m currently quite active in my job however my weight has slowly increased over the last few years. I have tried a meat only diet and it worked but it was not something I could stick to. I then tried Weight Watchers and got to gold weight. However once I stopped going my weight went back up. I then returned to Weight Watchers and got back to gold weight. Again when I left my weight went back up. I always felt hungry and never felt that it was for life just a vehicle to lose weight. I would often choose low points and not healthy options.

Where the LEAN Man System differed was that I could eat more and had more energy. It didn’t feel like I was missing out. People couldn’t believe how much I was eating but still losing weight. Also there were no tacky Weight Watchers meetings to attend. Overall I lost 23lbs on the LEAN Man System and learnt about sound nutritional habits. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone wanting to lose weight and learn more about good nutrition. DM, Owner of Electrical Contracting Company. Portsmouth.


"Gary helped change from a yo-yo dieter to someone who understands  food  for the first time in my life. Gary has a great way making you understand how the body works and how to best fuel it." -           Via LinkedIn: Clive Williams -Manager at Hawkins and Company


Gary was very helpful and informative, we worked together over email and through telephone conversations and even without any face to face time Gary was able to analyse my diet and activity levels. He gave me a complete in-depth breakdown of this information and explained how to apply what we had learnt to improve my day to day training, how to prepare for competition and how to recover effectively.  Working with Gary has brought my training to a whole new level and has allowed me to achieve an array of personal best times. Gary's knowledge and professionalism was second to none and I would recommend anyone who wishes to improve their performance to get in contact with him.

Chris Gidlow, Great Britain age group triathlete.


Having Gary as part of my team is brilliant and the input he gives is second to none. I have to put a lot of trust in him and he never lets me down. I have to compete at a certain weight and Gary has a huge responsibility making sure I make weight for my fight. With Gary’s input I am at the top of my weight category which is a huge advantage. During my preparations and build up to the fight I am getting all my nutrition at the correct amounts and the right times and I feel a lot better towards the later training sessions in the week without that empty, no energy feeling you get from poor dieting and hard training.

I can’t recommend Gary highly enough, for taking athletes to the next level or helping the average person wanting to lose weight.”

Mark Adams (BAMMA Featherweight Champion-undefeated)


Gary mentored me when I was straight out of university, following completion of my Nutrition degree.  I was very fortunate to have Gary as my mentor as he is extremely knowledgeable and inspirational!  I gained increased confidence and knowledge working with Gary, particularly in sports nutrition and weight management, of which Gary has a great deal of expertise.  I am still early on in my nutrition career and can never stop learning, on occasions I have turned to Gary for advice.  More recently I had a training session with Gary to support the sports nutrition work that I am doing.

Whatever your nutrition goal maybe I highly recommend Gary to anyone who would like more knowledge in nutrition and who would like to see results!  Thanks for all your support Gary!

Hannah Nettle (Nutritionist)

"Gary Mendoza: A top tutor - the best of the best; a fantastic mentor; a total inspiration and a friend for life...
 Dr Gary Mendoza: Extreme class. And pure genius. This man knows everything anybody could ever wish to know with regards to nutrition and lifestyle advice...
 On a personal level: Gary has heavily influenced me and been massively instrumental to the success of my (Health & Fitness) business."
  Jim Wright AMOR-LC


“I was fortunate enough to have gained 3 days in-depth tuition and knowledge from Gary via my Level 3 Personal Trainers course.  In addition, I took the opportunity to have a private consultation for my own Nutritional needs.  Gary was very thorough, informative and helped me to understand that I needed to change my way of thinking and approach to my daily nutritional requirements, to meet the demands of my schedule.

Even although I am in the infancy of these changes, I am already seeing great results, with better sleeping and recovery patterns, as well as feeling more energised before and after training.

I would recommend anyone wanting to learn about nutrition and weight loss to get in contact with Gary immediately – you’ll not be disappointed.”

Gavin Heath, Personal Trainer  - Loch Ness, Scotland

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