Walking for Weight Loss

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Walking for Weight Loss

Walking is often overlooked when people are trying to lose weight but my research has demonstrated that this is a really effective component of a weight loss programme. What is more it doesn’t cost anything and you can do it any time you like.

Weight Loss Targets

Everybody who wants to lose weight sets themselves a weight loss goal. When you are setting this goal I also suggest you should set yourself a daily walking target. Start with aiming for 10,000 steps a day, this will take you approximately an hour and a quarter to complete (dependent on your walking pace). You do not need to do this all in one go. One of the biggest barriers that is often quoted in weight loss programmes tends to be “I don’t have time”. Well with walking this reason doesn’t stand up. You can break your walking down into ten minute chunks at the start so you would need about seven of eight blocks in a day. What is more, you don’t need to get changed or do any preparation, just get out and do ten minutes. As you get fitter you may want to get more adventurous and so then a good pair of walking boots or trainers will be helpful. Also you might want to invest in some light weight waterproofs. Once you have these there is absolutely no excuse not to get out and walk, regardless of where you are. If you travel a lot this amount of kit weighs nothing so you always can fit a walk in. Running a business can be stressful but a quick ten minute walk to clear your head and do a bit of thinking with no interruptions can work wonders. Not only can this reduce your stress levels but it may also give you some inspiration. As your weight loss progresses and you are getting fitter you will also be more productive at work so it’s a win-win all round.

Everyone needs motivating at some point in a weight loss programme so monitoring your walking is a great way to do this. Either use an app on a smartphone (mapmywalk for example) or a purpose built gadget like FitBit. These will monitor your steps and you can upload the data to a website. You can perhaps compete with someone to see who’s completing the most steps or share your achievements with someone you trust. By doing this you will want to make sure you are hitting your targets on a daily basis. Once you are regularly hitting 10,000 steps a day up your goal by 5%, always continue to challenge yourself.

You could include formal exercise but in my research all the men that lost weight achieved this through getting more active (walking regularly) and improving their dietary intake. No one followed a diet plan they were just educated about healthy eating and made some small adjustments over the course of the study. It is this type of lifestyle adjustment and increased activity that the LEAN Man System is based on. This is not a quick fix by any stretch of the imagination but what it does demonstrate is that you don’t need to join a gym to lose weight and get healthy and you don’t need a FAD diet to achieve sustainable weight loss.

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