Weight Loss and Scientific Research

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Weight loss and research findings.

An article in the Daily Mail recently reported on factors associated with weight loss. As is the norm with the media it was grossly over-simplified and not as accurate as you might think.

Weight loss factors

The first thing reported was a study revealing morning sunshine can help you slim. Claiming that morning sunshine impacts your body clock and people who go out in the morning have a lower BMI than those that go out in the afternoon. Without reading the study it is hard to comment but my guess is that people who are out and about in the morning are more likely to be active and perhaps more health conscious. There could also be numerous other confounding variables at work here, so you can’t attribute weight loss to this alone.

The next one is eating wrong handed and talks about something that breaks the habit of eating when distracted. Much as this will make a difference if you are eating wrong handed i.e. using your left hand when you are right handed you will eat slower. We know that if you eat slower your body has a better chance to process appetite cues and therefore you are aware of feeling full. Following on from this was eating in quieter restaurants. They state that

“Restaurants, with all their clanging noises, make us want to eat sweeter and saltier foods, according to research in the journal Food Quality and Preference. Our nervous systems are wired to respond to loud noise with a faster heartbeat and higher blood pressure, so that we are ready to flee from danger.”

The other factor at play here is that in a quieter environment you are again more aware of what you are eating. In other words you are eating mindfully and so this will allow the body to regulate your satiety cues (hunger cues). If you are eating mindfully you will tend to eat less and this will lead to weight loss.

As with all these types of articles you get reports that don’t give you the full picture. They note that eating an apple peel a day can boost the rate at which you burn calories. This is based on the fact that apple peel contains ursolic acid and that this increases muscle and brown fat. I doubt very much that apple peel alone is going to increase brown adipose tissue and it certainly won’t increase muscle if eaten in isolation. It is true that increasing your lean tissue (muscle) is beneficial for weight loss.

These snippets go to show the way the media reports scientific research. You often get a small proportion of what is found and very often this is out of context. The sexy or eye-grabbing headline is what it is all about. You need a far greater understanding of overall weight loss issues before you can make these very simplified statements. Unfortunately the general public read this type of thing and then assume this is scientific fact; when often this is a long way from the truth. If you want some nutritional tips and weight loss facts then subscribe to the FREE seven video series by completing the simple form below.

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