Yet Another Quick Fix Weight Loss Diet?

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Yet another FAD weight loss diet claiming to have the magic solution

So yet again the Daily Mail is offering the latest quick fix weight loss diet. This time the book is written by a nutritionist (Fiona Kirk) claiming to have read all the latest research. When I say “nutritionist” she is not a registered nutritionist and her qualification is from the institute of optimum nutrition. A registered nutritionist (RNutr) wouldn’t make such claims.

Weight loss from fat, the facts

Fiona Kirk claims that you can lose between eight to twelve pounds of fat in two weeks. As this is physiologically not possible I am guessing she uses a tube attached to her hoover to suck it out? Sorry for being sceptical but I have heard it a million times. You can reduce body fat by approximately one to two pounds a week. Perhaps a little bit more if you are morbidly obese. She claims this is all based on various super foods that are proven to burn fat. There are two points about these claims; a comprehensive knowledge of lipid (fat) metabolism would have informed this nutritionist (I use the term very loosely here) that this is not possible. But then this qualification wouldn’t go into that much scientific detail. Next, any scientist will tell you that in science nothing is “proven”. You can demonstrate or show but you cannot prove; this is because just around the corner the next discovery may completely blow your hypothesis out of the water. In fact that is exactly what science is about, testing and re-testing people’s research and coming up with new hypotheses, so nothing is ever proven.

Weight loss is about lifestyle change

This book contains all the usual super foods with claims about their various fat burning properties. Research may well have shown that each of these foods has some type of metabolic property which may be advantageous to lipid metabolism. These studies are often conducted on small groups of subjects often using very unique dietary combinations. Does this reflect your everyday diet and lifestyle, I very much doubt it? You need to stop kidding yourself that there is a quick fix and start adjusting your lifestyle. It is only a permanent lifestyle change that will give you the body and health you desire in the long term. You have to remember it is your lifestyle that got you fat and only changing that lifestyle will get you thin again.

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